United States squirrel species

Squirrels are one of the most common animals that you can find in the United States. In fact, you will discover the presence of numerous squirrel species living inside the United States. According to recent studies, it has been identified that more than 200 different species are living within the country. On the other hand, you can consider America as the home to five types of squirrels. They include ground squirrels, flying squirrels, red squirrels, grey squirrels, and fox squirrels. Most of the squirrels that you can find in the United States are living on top of trees. However, you will also notice that some of the squirrels are living in the ground as well. Here is a list of some of the most prominent squirrel types that you will be able to discover in the country.

Grey squirrels
You can find two different variations of grey squirrels living in the United States. They are known as eastern grey squirrels and western grey squirrels. The eastern grey squirrels are coming from Northeastern states of the country. However, you can see that they have invaded Europe and western parts of the country as well. On the other hand, the western grey squirrels are living in three different areas of the country. All of them are on the western coast.

Fox squirrels
You can discover fox squirrels living in all parts of the country. This is the largest squirrel variety that you can find in the country. You will notice that they are equipped with large bodies. On the other hand, the fox squirrel varieties are having dark black colored fur as well. They are having white colored feet, ears and noses.

Red squirrels
Red squirrels are a small squirrel species that you can find around the house. In fact, these squirrels are half the size of the grey squirrels that you can find. Due to the same reason, we will be able to see how the red squirrels are having some unique traits when compared to other squirrel species as well. The red squirrels are having red and grey colored fur. They are capable of surviving through the harsh winters as well.

Ground squirrels
A large number of ground squirrel varieties that you can find out there in the world are living in the United States. These are a small squirrel variety as well. They prefer to spend their time in the burrows. They rarely come out to the open spaces. On the other hand, these squirrels have a white colored tail. They weigh only around four ounces.

Flying squirrels
Two different flying squirrel types can be found in the United States. They include the southern flying squirrel and the northern flying squirrel. These squirrels usually tend to spend their time in high elevations. Hence, you will often be able to discover flying squirrels in California, Michigan and Arizona. Moreover, you will be able to discover the flying squirrels in Alaska as well.

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